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How to Sell Wholesale Products with B2B Ecommerce Solution

Why it is important to use a B2B ecommerce solution? How to sell your wholesale products with such a platform? Read this article and find out!

If you are running a wholesale business, it is time to take that business up to the next level. Choosing a B2B wholesale platform should be on top of your priority list and selling online should be your main focus right now.

We are living in a digital time and being available and accessible online is important if you want to stay competitive.

The B2B shoppers today expect a convenient and personalized shopping experience and having a well-designed and simple site will help your potential buyers navigate and search the products they want.

There are numerous benefits that come with B2B ecommerce platforms. Many of these platforms offer flexible features such as tiered pricing, group pricing, and the ability to hide prices for a general group of people, and etc. You can even do drop shipping with these ecommerce platforms. Resellers love these platforms because they are able to sell online without stocking products which is great.

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  • Nexternal: Customer types, product allocation by customer type, product pricing by customer type, exempt sales tax, and a password-protected login.
  • OpenCart: Quantity discounts, set different prices per group, customer groups, display prices to logged in customers only.
  • Pinnacle Cart: Allows to set wholesale pricing by product, customer groups, support case pack, collect tax ID or any custom information.
  • PrestaShop: Customer groups, segment product categories, minimum purchase quantity, promotion by the customer, quantity discounts by percentage, set minimum order amounts, multi-tier pricing.
  • Shopify: Customer groups, offers the option to restrict your online store from public access.
  • VirtueMart: Price display depending on shopper group, define prices based on shopper groups, tax based on shopper group.
  • Volusion: Offer special discount pricing to specific groups of customers, pricing levels, quantity discounts, members-only pricing, members-only website, and members-only browsing.

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Establishing an online presence can take your brand to the next level. You will generate big orders, gain more exposure, build credibility and trust, consistent paychecks, easy to make a sale, and a chance to grow your business.

Here are a few tips that will help you sell your wholesale products:

  • Take charge of your pricing: Your clients expect the products to be priced at least 50% off than the regular retail prices. Take a good look at your items and how much it costs to make them.
  • Photograph your products on white: Photographing your products on a white background looks a lot more professional and display your items without any distractions.
  • Create your order form: Your buyers expect the order forms to be plain and simple.
  • Decide how will you package your products: How you choose to package your items can make your work so much more appealing.

Good luck!


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